Review of Submissions

The Socio-Legal Review is a peer-reviewed, student-run journal. The editorial process involves review by both Student Editors and Peer Reviewers. A Student Editorial Board is constituted at the end of every academic year for the succeeding year. A Peer Review Board is constituted at the beginning of the academic year, and consists of both academics and practitioners. The editorial process is as follows:

Student Review

Stage 1: The Chief Editor or Deputy Chief Editor allocates shortlisted articles to the other Student Editors to review.

Stage 2: Each Student Editor undertakes extensive review of his or her allocated article and provides a reasoned response as to whether it is suitable for publication.

Stage 3: Where an article is found suitable for publication, a second review by a different Student Editor is carried out.

Peer Review

Stage 4: Articles which pass the third stage are sent for peer review. Often articles are reviewed by more than one Peer. The SLR Editorial Board reserves the right to send articles to Reviewers not on the Peer Review Board. For instance, if a submission which passes the third stage is on Family Law and the Board is of the opinion that there is no one on the Peer Review Board who is well-versed with Family Law, the Board may send it to any other practitioner / academic who is accomplished in the field.

It is important to note that the peer review process is double-blind, i.e. anonymity is maintained at both ends of the peer review process. The Peer Reviewer is unaware of the identity of the author, and the author is unaware of the identity of the Peer Reviewer.

Stage 5: If the article passes peer review, the edits suggested by the SLR Editorial Board and the Peer Reviewer are sent to the author. The author is given some time to make the necessary revisions. The edited piece is again reviewed by the Student Editors who initially reviewed the piece. If more changes are required, the article is sent back. This process is repeated until the Editorial Board is satisfied that the piece is publishable. It is then line edited. The final piece is reviewed by at least two editors, before being approved for publication.

Please note that we do not publish pieces which have already been published elsewhere or are being considered for publication in other journals. If the paper has been submitted to other journals, the author must withdraw the article from SLR once any other journal accepts it and the author wishes to get it published in the other journal.