About the Socio-Legal Review Forum (SLR Forum) 

Ever since it was founded in 2005, SLR has been striving to enrich the academic discourse on the intersection between law and society. To enable us to respond to current events with the immediacy that they require, the SLR Forum was launched as a companion to the print journal. The mandate of the Forum, much like the journal, is to cover all current issues of socio-legal importance.


1. The SLR Forum invites contributions in the following categories -

  1. Responses to articles in the print journal or previous articles published in the SLR Forum

  2. Comments on contemporary legal developments

  3. Articles on topics of socio-legal relevance

  4. Book reviews engaging with recent literary works


2. Articles for the Forum must be between 1,500-2,500 words.


3. Contributions to the SLR Forum must be mailed to, with the subject ‘Submission for SLR Forum’, in a .doc or .docx format.


4. All contributions must contain the author byline of not more than 50 words.


5. For formatting and citation guidelines, please refer to SLR’s style guide.

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