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About Us

Socio-Legal Review (SLR) is a bi-annual, open access, student-edited, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal run by the students of National Law School of India University, Bangalore, and published by the Eastern Book Company (EBC). With respect to our mandate, we subscribe to an expansive view on the interpretation of “law and society” in South Asia, inviting articles with a perceived link between law and social sciences. First published in 2005 with the help of a grant from the Modern Law Review, SLR has carried articles by luminaries in the legal and social fields, including Roger Cotterrell, W.T. Murphy, Werner Menski, Asghar Ali Engineer, Pratiksha Baxi and Gina Heathcote.

SLR has also been cited by the Supreme Court of India multiple times. The article ‘Identity and Identification: The Individual in the Time of Networked Governance,’ Nishant Shah, Vol. 11(2) Socio-Legal Review, (2015) has been cited in Justice Chandrachud’s dissent in  Justice KS Puttaswamy and Anr v. Union of India and Ors (2018). SLR has also been cited by Justice Indu Malhotra and Justice Chandrachud in their respective opinions in Joseph Shine v. Union of India (2018). The article cited is ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Adulterous: Criminal Law and Adultery in India’, Abhinav Sekri, Vol. 10(1) Socio-Legal Review, (2014).

SLR is currently inviting submissions for its Volume 19(1). We subscribe to an expansive view on the interpretation of “law and society” thereby keeping its criteria for contributions simply that of high academic merit, as long as there is a perceivable link. This would include not just writing about the role played by law in social change, or the role played by social dynamics in the formulation and implementation of the law, but also writing that simply takes cognizance of legal institutions or institutions of governance or administration, power structures in social commentary, and so on. We accept submissions on a rolling basis. Consequently, we never reject articles for failing to meet a deadline. However, submissions received after December 15, 2022 might have to be considered for publication in the issue to follow.

We also welcome submissions for the Socio-Legal Review Forum. The Forum was conceptualized as a platform for informed debate on contemporary developments. The Forum acts as an online companion to our print journal. It accepts short pieces in the form of comments on recent legal developments or book reviews engaging with recent literature. Longer pieces in the form of essays or responses to pieces published in the Review are also accepted.

SLR has been listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals and has been uploaded on Westlaw, HeinOnline and SCC Online.

Board of Advisors
Hilary Charlesworth
Sankaran Krishna
Dipesh Chakraborthy
Nivedita Menon
H. Rajan Sharma
Sitaram Kakarala
Sanjoy Hazarika
Tejaswini Niranjana
Sudhir Krishnaswamy
Fiona A. Kumari Campbell
Upendra Baxi
Faculty Advisor
Sudhir Krishnaswamy
Chief Editor
Apoorva Nangia
Deputy Chief Editor
Avantika Tewari
Anoushka Kothari
Anubhav Mishra
Anusha Sarkar
Divya Sethuraman
Khwaaish Kadiyan
Manhar Bansal
Niveditha K Prasad
Pranav Kumar
Vibha Swaminathan

Forum Editors

Aadi Belhe

Areeb Nabi

Hayden D'Souza

Sannah Mudbidri

Line Editors

Celine Cordeiro

Matilde Ribeiro

Nandini Sharma

Rishab Devaiah

Administrative Editor

Pallavi Agarwal

Technical Editor

Gagan Inu

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