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Submission Guidelines for SLR Forum

We invite submissions in the form of short essays and commentary on contemporary developments or issues of persisting relevance that speak to the Aims and Scope of the Journal. We do not accept pieces that comprise of purely doctrinal or legal analysis; submissions must dissect the issue using an interdisciplinary lens.

If you have a theme or an idea that you’d like to develop in an essay for the SLR Forum, please get in touch at We will be glad to discuss your ideas over email and provide editorial feedback in order to arrive at a better understanding of whether they fit with the objectives of the Forum. However, if you have a fully fleshed out piece, we encourage you to submit it directly.

Please adhere to the following guidelines to make a submission for the Forum:

  • We allow co-authorship of up to two authors.

  • All manuscripts must be submitted in the form of a word document by emailing them to The subject-line of the email must correspond to the title of the submission.

  • All personal or institutional information identifying the author(s) must be removed from the manuscript before submission.

  • Submissions must range between 800-2500 words

  • Please hyperlink all sources in the main text. Do not use footnotes or endnotes.

The Editorial Board is committed to reverting with editorial comments within two weeks of receiving the submission.

Conditions for Publication

Author(s) must be prepared to make necessary changes to their submission in response to editorial comments. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject a manuscript at any stage of the review process, including after revisions have been made in response to editorial comments. 


Please note that in the event that a contribution submitted to SLR has been submitted and accepted by any other Journal or online platform, the author must withdraw their submission from SLR. If SLR accepts the submission first, the author must withdraw it for consideration from all other Journals and online platforms. Failure to do so will lead to removal of the piece for consideration for publication in the SLR Forum. Please note that SLR Forum does not allow cross-posting of articles.

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