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Volume 17(2)

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Kajal Bhardwaj and Veena Johari, COVID-19 Vaccines in India: Judicial Blind Spots in upholding the Right to Health

Devansh Shrivastava, Socio-spatial Consequences of Disturbed Areas Act 1991 on Urbanizing Spaces in Gujarat

Mahiya Shah and Soumya S, Gender Data Gaps in Agriculture and Land Ownership: Uncovering the Blind Side of Policymaking


Wenjuan Jhang and Avantika Chawla, Legislating Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse in India and China: A Divergence of Legislative Choice

Shailesh Kumar, Child Sexual Abuse Cases in India and Judicial Officers’ Perceptions and Experiences of POCSO-related Special Training 





Kaushal Bodwal, Understanding Construction of Technologies of (Trans)gender in India Shaped By Mechanisms of Security, Surveillance and Welfare 

Volume 17(1)

Advance Articles

Shraddha Chaudhary, Criminalisation without an object: Critical Reflections on the Muslim Women (Protection of rights on Marriage) Act, 2019

Ambika Tandon, Privacy and reproductive health: Curtailing rights and choices

Urvi Pathak, Statelessness And The Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019: The Case Of Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees


John Sebastian, Article 15 and the Citizenship (Amendment) Act – A Thought Experiment

Book Review

Sayantan Saha Roy, The Truth Machines: Policing, Violence, and Scientific Interrogations in India, by Jinee Lokaneeta, Orient Longman, Hyderabad

Shruti Vidyasagar and Shruthi Naik, Experiences of Dispute Resolution in Non-Court Forums: Justice Sans Rule Of Law?

Madhavi Menon, Hadiya, Hinduism and Heterosexuality

Shruti Iyer, Silicosis and the State: Configuring Labour’s Interest as the Public Interest

Rangin Pallav Tripathy, The Supreme Court Collegium and Transparency: A Non-Committal Relationship

Book Review

Arun K. Thiruvengadam,  Justice Versus Judiciary: Justice Enthroned or Entangled in India? (2019) By Sudhanshu Ranjan, Oxford University Press, New Delhi 


Saurabh Bhattacharjee, Universalization of Minimum Wages As A Pipe Dream: Many Discontents of the Code on Wages, 2019


Padmini Baruah, "The Right to Have Rights": Assam and the Legal Politics of Citizenship

Tvisha Shroff, The Demand Side of the Rule of Law: India’s Experience With Eminent Domain Law Reform

        Notes from the Field 

Neetika Vishwanath, Ethnographic Study of Rape Adjudication in Lucknow’s Trial Court


Dabiru Sridhar Patnaik and Nizamuddin Ahmad Siddqui, Problems of Refugee Protection in International Law: An Assessment Through the Rohingya Refugee Crisis in India

Utkarsh Agrawal and Shailja Agarwal, Social Security for Domestic Workers in India

Akshita Pandit, (Trans)Gressing the Binary: Coalitional Self-Determination for the 'Third Gender' Framework

Case Note

Arushi Garg, Navigating Through 'Age' and 'Agency'  in Eera v. State

Notes From the Field

Dipika Jain, Gauri Pillai, Surabhi Shukla and Justin Jos, Bureaucratization of Transgender Rights: Perspective from the Ground


Saumya Maheshwari, The Language of Evidence in Rape Trials

Seema Kazi, Rape, Impunity and Justice in Kashmir

Abhinav Sekhri, The Good, The Bad, and The Adulterous: Criminal Law and Adultery in India

Proceedings of the Conference on Gender and Sexuality Organized by the Law and Society Committee



Arvind Narrain, Transcript of Conference Proceedings

Papers Presented at the Conference

Arpita Das, A Bio-Political Perspective on Intersexuality  and Disability in Discourses of Law

Douglas McDonald, Freedom to Be: Assessing the Claims of LGBTQ Asylum Seekers

Sonakshi Anand, Prakash Bhakuni and Rahul Anthwal, Redefining Gender and Identity FormationAmong Sexual Minorities


Dr. Michal Tamir and Judge Amir Dahan, Side Judges: The Case of the Israeli Military Courts

Buhm-Suk, Baek, The Medium Foreseeing the Future: The Role of NHRIs in Creating RHRIs in the Asia-Pacific Region

Notes from the Field

G. Haragopal, The Maoist Movement and the Indian State: Mediating Peace

Book Reviews

Parvathi Menon, A Liberal Theory of International Justice


Annu Jalais, Braving Crocodiles with Kali: Being a Prawn Seed Collector and a Modern Woman in the 21st Century Sunderbans

Laura R. Ford, Max Weber on Property: An Effort in Interpretative Understanding

Short Article

Abhayraj Naik, Imperative Values of a Logical Forgiveness


Pradip Prabhu, Inclusion in Law and Exclusion in Praxis: The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act 2006

Sudha Ramalingam and R.S. Akila, The Right to Life Endangered


Roger Cotterrell, Is Law Just a Means to an End

Ofer Raban, Law and the Common Good



Ron Harris, State Identity, Territorial Integrity and Party Banning: The Case of a Pan-Arab Political Party in Israel


Abhayraj Naik, Sarendib's Sorrow: Sri Lanka's Continuing Conflict

Short Article

Ali M. Abrar, Into the Breach: The Legislative Function of  Taboo

Law's Translations

Priyadarshini Kedlaya, Strengthening Civil Society: Lessons from the Consumer Forum at Basrur in Karnataka

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